July 24, 2014

All-Star Week To Bring Revenue To Montgomery Businesses

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Montgomery Man Receives Life Threatening Injuries in Shooting

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Mtgy. Lions Club Donates Tens of Thousands to Charity

The Montgomery Lions Club gave more than 30 thousand dollars to several charities at a luncheon downtown.  Members of the Lions Club have one mission…and that is to serve. Today, they were able to see how all of their hard work and fundraising efforts come to fruition. The club selected five charities to receive thousands […]

Maxwell Airmen Help Clean Up Schools

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Rally Held for St. Jude

Parents and students upset at the closing of the St. Jude catholic school rallied in hopes of reopening the school today. The group is upset that the school was suddenly shut down after this past school year.   In a petition sent to the Archdiocese of Mobile, school supporters say St. Jude is an irreplaceable […]

WAKA Honored at Alabama Associated Press Awards

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Civic Clubs Trying to Reach Out to Younger Generation

The Montgomery Lions Club donated 30 thousand dollars to various local charities today. Civic organizations, like this one, are known for their volunteer service but with social media now connecting people, these clubs are having to work even harder to recruit members. Civic clubs used to be where you would go to meet people and […]

Football Challenges Facing Auburn and Alabama this Season

The SEC Media Days are over and that means football is just around the corner. This season will present some challenges for several teams including Auburn and Alabama. For alabama one of the biggest challenges is finding a quarterback to replace AJ McCarron. Coach Nick Saban says who will take that lead spot is still […]

New Rewards For Unsolved Montgomery Murders

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Animal Cruelty And Arson Investigation Underway After Cat Set On Fire

From Montgomery — an exclusive story we broke first at noon. Authorities are left with unanswered questions in an animal cruelty investigation. They say they found a cat set on fire that’s now dead — whether it was the result of the fire is still a mystery. Firefighters tell us they got a call saying […]